Which is Better, Eyelash Lifts or Eyelash Extensions?

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If you’ve been debating between getting lash extensions or a lash lift, it is imperative that you know the distinction between the two. Which is superior? Is one clearly better than the other? It turns out that it’s complicated, and so, in this blog, we will provide you with all the information so you may choose the treatment that will be most effective for you.

The first thing to recognise is that these two treatments are very dissimilar.

Lash Extensions

When you get eyelash extensions Birmingham, you add something, synthetic fibres with a silk or mink finish, to your natural lashes to improve them. This usually makes your eyelashes appear more curled and longer than they actually are. This implies that we can still make your lashes seem fantastic even if they are extremely fine, extremely sparse, or very short. There are several incredible ways to drastically enhance your lash appearance utilising volume lashes, various curls, and style.

Lash Lifts

On the other hand, lash lifts rely on altering the shape of the natural lashes chemically, then infusing them with keratin to give them a lifted and curled look. The outcome of this mostly depends on the quality of your natural lashes to begin with. For more effect, it can be coupled with a tint, which is what we generally advise (unless your lashes are jet black). A tint can create the appearance of longer lashes since even those with dark lashes typically discover that the last few millimetres are naturally lighter.


A lift usually produces outstanding effects if your lashes are long and full. The results, though, might not be as impressive if your eyelashes are finer, shorter, or fewer.

Lash extensions may produce effects that are considerably more dramatic than lifts, like cat eye, Kim k or staggered, doll eye, etc. With lifts, we can only curl your natural lashes upward and colour them to make them darker. We can’t really style or shape your lashes with a lift.


Lifts require less maintenance than extensions (a lift should remain in place for around 5 to 6 weeks, while extensions stay intact for 3-4 weeks before infills are required) and you don’t need to be as cautious while using greasy products or applying makeup. Once you’ve given your lash lift a full 24 hours to set, you may apply anything you want to them — mascara, sticky pot eyeliner, greasy makeup remover, etc. — and vigorously remove it. However, you must avoid using greasy makeup remover, anything sticky, and gel eyeliner when wearing lash extensions. Additionally, using mascara is not at all a smart idea if you are wearing volume lashes. Therefore, a lift is certainly a better choice if you frequently use a lot of eye makeup.

Most people who enjoy lash extensions don’t mind the upkeep. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and take a quick nap while getting beautified. However, for other individuals, it may be too much trouble.

Lash Health

When it comes to the health of your eyelashes, lash extensions are a better option than a lash lift. Since lash extensions are applied on top of your natural lashes, no chemical treatment really affects or changes the hair. Even after a long duration of use, there usually isn’t a difference in the client’s natural lashes after we remove the lash extensions. In addition, it’s very easy to get rid of lash extensions if you make up your mind that you no longer like the way they appear. Removal appointments typically last between 15 and 30 minutes. Lash lifts are more enduring, which means you should allow them time, a few months usually, to grow back out. There is often a point around the fifth or sixth week wherein they will appear less than wonderful, since some lashes would still be lifted and others, the new lashes, wouldn’t. Although it’s not very obvious, if flawless lashes are your aim, this stage could irritate you a bit.

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